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FOSS.IN/2009 will be held on December 1-5, 2009 (Tuesday through Saturday) at Bangalore’s largest and most modern conference venue – the NIMHANS Convention Centre.foss

For more detail :

GMail users can create documents from their mails. So, no need to copy the mail and then paste it into MS-Office.
All you need to do is follow these simple steps.
1. Got to the green beaker near the Sign Out link in your GMail Account.


2. You will be provided with all the lab features that Google team has developed to make our lives easier.
3. Now choose this option to Enable.


4. Now, save the changes you have made. You can also choose to enable some of the games and nifty services provided by Google. It’s totally your call.
5. Now, check this awesome feature by opening any mail in your inbox. Check at the right side of the mail, beside the ‘Reply’ drop down button.

3Got it, right? Now, export your mails to Google Documents and save them to your desktop, or convert them into PDFs and what not. Be creative.
Image Courtesy: Google

Free Open sourse Software for everyone, This camp is conduct to promote the usage of OSS and the tools for more development and also for share the latest trends and technology using in OSS.

Everyone can attend this camp, hence it’s called FOSS for Everyone 🙂

Camp Details

9.30 Am onwards
Date: March 14, 2009
Venue: Chennai Trade Center
City: Chennai

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Tiny Url means you can able to minimize your URL in tiny form.

For Examle:

Turn this URL:

into this Tinyurl

Try the above links and make your TinyURL in .

Search camp is a two days event to get a knowledge about Search Engine Marketing , and Search engine optimization. The event is scheduled for the 28th February & 1st March 2009 in Tidal park-chennai at 8.00 AM onwards.By attending this camp, we get lots SEO/SEM tips and tricks. This is second Search camp, the first camp happened on 2007.The cost is Rs.500 per person including lunch.

Need more deatils Search camp

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
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