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Did Political jokers make the Tamil Eelam problem end …. it is big question mark?
Why the Politician make the Tamil people fool, all the political party said that “if the political party is elected in all the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, we will work to solve the Tamil-Eelam problem”, just think how they will solve the problem and if any said how they solve it….no and never. The never help to solve problem.

The Bl eddy Politician are just begging the vote to earn more money with comparison of last ruling parties for their family and friend by using the TamilEelam people.

Please don’t use the Tamil Eelam problem for votes because the mass murder of Tamil peoples in srilanka.
So Straightly you ask in Tamil amma….. appa….. ennaku vote phodungha, in English “Mummy… daddy… please put vote for me”.

Save Our Soul, i saw the SOS machine while i am returning to my Residence from the college in the Chennai-Thrichy National Highways(NH 47),immediately stop my bike and make a experience with this machine and hope the public can use it properly.

and also gave the user instuction to use it…..!

We can use this SOS in any kind of emergency like Fire Accident, Road Accident, and so on.

Where the Beauty and Peace of tamil eelam is gone………..?

Think About the peoples were live between gun point.

The Photos from tamil eelam news,

but now place looks

this photos from digital

People were spending their money for keeping big size advertisement board for political party meeting, cine actor’s birthday wishes, new film release, obituary remembrance, and etc., this types advertisement board will leads to traffic jams, and accident. The cost for making this advertisement board is per square is up to rupees 20, they kept board minimum 200 square feet, just calculate how they are spending.

Government should put limitation or make a law for PEOPLE WANT TO KEEP ADVERTISEMENT BOARD ON PUBLIC PLACE , THEY HAVE TO PAY MONEY UP TO RUPEES 1000, this law may help to control it .

And one thing, I accept your faith about your leader, cine actors, and others. Before that you go and see old age peoples, children s in orphanage and charity trust. These children are not orphanage they are god’s children.
Especially they don’t need money; they need only love and relationship with us .If you get time please spend time with us, it makes happy them.

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
ஓகஸ்ட் 2020
தி செ பு விய வெ ஞா

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