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Save Our Soul, i saw the SOS machine while i am returning to my Residence from the college in the Chennai-Thrichy National Highways(NH 47),immediately stop my bike and make a experience with this machine and hope the public can use it properly.

and also gave the user instuction to use it…..!

We can use this SOS in any kind of emergency like Fire Accident, Road Accident, and so on.

Free Open sourse Software for everyone, This camp is conduct to promote the usage of OSS and the tools for more development and also for share the latest trends and technology using in OSS.

Everyone can attend this camp, hence it’s called FOSS for Everyone 🙂

Camp Details

9.30 Am onwards
Date: March 14, 2009
Venue: Chennai Trade Center
City: Chennai

More Details

Tiny Url means you can able to minimize your URL in tiny form.

For Examle:

Turn this URL:

into this Tinyurl

Try the above links and make your TinyURL in .

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
மார்ச் 2009
தி செ பு விய வெ ஞா

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